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World Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day – 31 May 2011

Bega Cheese supports employees to go “Smoke Free”.

As part of its overall OH&S programs and initiatives, Bega Cheese is undertaking a smoking cessation
program for its employees.  Sharon James, Health and Wellbeing Co‐ordinator at Bega Cheese, says “Such a
program benefits the employees and their families health as well as their finances.  The organisation can
also see benefits in improved employee resilience as well as good manufacturing practice and food safety.  
it’s a win win situation.”

Approximately 21% of the Australian population still choose to smoke, even though quitting smoking
improves fitness and your sense of taste and smell as well as reducing the risk of getting sick from cancer,
heart or lung disease.

The workplace is an ideal setting through which large numbers of employees can be encouraged and
supported to stop or reduce tobacco consumption.  At any point in time almost 25% of smokers want to
quit but need support to do so.  Ms James says that “Employees are supported in a variety of ways.  This
includes plenty of moral and peer support as well as information and education.   We also have a great
relationship with Priceline Pharmacy in Bega whereby our employees see a pharmacist on a regular basis to
discuss their NRT or medication.”

The smoking cessation program at Bega Cheese has been underway since July 2010 and has been very
positively received by participants.    Bega Cheese is moving towards having a smoke free policy at Bega
sites, commencing on World No Tobacco Day May 31st 2012.

May 13, 2011
For further information please contact:
Sharon James Health & Wellbeing Co‐ordinator
(Tuesdays and Fridays)

02 6491 7777