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Rewards, Recognition and Benefits


To attract and retain the best available people, we offer highly competitive rewards, through either negotiated Industrial Agreements or market competitive remuneration arrangements.  Our people also share in the success of our enterprise through bonus and incentive payments, which act to focus and drive the development of a high performance culture and the achievement of successful outcomes.


Our company’s head office is located in Bega, NSW and Bega also operates a Victorian commercial office in Port Melbourne. We currently operate two cheese manufacturing, two processing and packaging plants across New South Wales and Victoria and one food manufacturing plant in Victoria. These operations are supported by various technical and administrative support functions at each location.

In our culture, we believe in mutual respect and value honesty, trust and integrity, along with frankness and openness.  We aspire to build a high performance organisation and believe that we can only succeed by creating a culture where our people aspire to contribute their very best through a shared commitment, teamwork and co-operation.


We provide an excellent range of benefits, with our people enjoying access to education assistance, a benevolent fund, employee wellbeing programs, health checks and services, special leave, flexible working arrangements, workplace consultation and free parking.  A variety of staff amenities are provided at all company sites however, all facilities feature company provided tea and coffee, microwave oven or food warmers, fridges, and snack and drink machines are available for all employees.


Bega is committed to the ongoing development of its people.  We work hard to provide opportunities for our people to progress, giving preference always to internal candidates to fill vacancies.  We provide regular ongoing training to our people, whether it be in the development of specific technical skills required for specific roles, ‘targeted’ initiatives aimed at strengthening and enhancing our organisations broader capabilities or specific education/learning initiatives geared to an individual need.

Our performance management process not only ensures that our people receive positive and meaningful feedback but also advice and encouragement around how performance can be enhanced.  Bega will provide tangible support and assistance for its people who are interested in improving their capabilities to their and the company’s benefit, including financial assistance and paid leave.  Our approach to your development is to try and put you in charge of your career, with the company providing support and encouragement, and rewarding you with further opportunity.


Bega has immense pride in its people and their achievements.  Whether it be through celebrating service to the business or the achievement of particular goals within the business, we are always looking for ways to acknowledge our people and their success.  Our people have been honoured for their academic achievements, business success and contributions made to their communities and their colleagues.  The success of our people rightly reflects the success of our business.