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Bega. Now famous for peanut butter!

Australian-owned, Bega Cheese Limited has taken the reins of Australia’s favourite Peanut Butter, keeping it on home soil following the recent acquisition of the former Kraft Peanut Butter factory.

Consumers will now see the slightly ‘refreshed’ packaging on the shelves of Australian supermarkets. Despite the label change, Bega assures Australians that the Peanut Butter they love is exactly the same… the same ‘never oily, never dry’ recipe, the same taste, made by the same people, at the same factory. The only difference: it is now owned by an Australian company, Bega, keeping the jobs and money at home.

Bega, famously known for cheese, recently acquired the former Kraft Peanut Butter factory in Victoria, and the original recipe, adding the delicious spread to its portfolio, keeping hundreds of Aussie jobs for Victorian factory workers.

Bega Executive Chairman, Barry Irvin says the company takes pride in looking after all of its employees and is committed to keeping jobs in Australia.

Charlie Luvara has been working at the Port Melbourne Peanut Butter factory for more than 18 years, and admits that he was nervous when he heard of the news that the factory would be sold, saying he thought it might close, taking manufacturing offshore.

“I couldn’t be happier. When I heard that we were bought by Bega, I knew this meant my job was safe and I could continue to support my family. The factory and my job is the same as it always was, which is great,” Charlie said.
Bega has a pipeline of new product development in the works and is excited to share our vision for the future with Australia in the coming months.

So, keep your trolley local and continue buying the same great tasting Peanut Butter you have been for the past 55 years.

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