Farm Sustainability

Environmental Management Systems

Bega Cheese is committed to supporting sustainable and productive dairy farms.   We actively work with our suppliers to help them identify and adopt practices on farm that enhance the efficiency, productivity and long term sustainability of their business. 

For the last 10 years we have been implementing our on farm Bega Environmental Management System (BEMS).  The program has been extremely successful in identifying key sustainability issues affecting our suppliers and has helped us to develop programs that have helped our suppliers to address these issues.  BEMS is a voluntary program that has been used as the foundation of Bega’s Sustainability and Milk Growth Program.  Over 95% of our milk supply across NSW and Victoria have engaged in the program.

Milk Sustainability and Growth Program

The Bega Cheese Sustainability and Growth program is an exciting initiative introduced to secure and encourage the sustainable growth of our existing milk supply.

In 2014 the Company set aside $25 million for the Sustainability and Milk Growth Program.  Suppliers participating in the program received 3cpl for Sustainability initiatives and a further 2cpl if they participated in the Milk Growth program.  Participating suppliers completed a BEMS Sustainability Assessment with the expectation that there would be an improvement in on farm sustainability over the next 3 years.  Suppliers participating in the Milk Growth Program agreed to implement improvements on farm that will lead to a 20% increase in milk production. In return for the funds suppliers agreed to supply Bega Cheese for 3 years.

The initiative was extremely well received with over 95% of our milk supply base participating in the Sustainability Program and over 50% participating in the Milk Growth program. 

For more information please contact Melissa Balas Senior Environment & Sustainability Officer Bega Cheese +61 2 6491 7777 or