Brief History

1899 Butter factory established
1900 Butter factory officially opened
1920 Original co-op store was purchased
1924 Butter factory built on present site
1944 Name changed to The Bega Co-operative Society Ltd.
1949 Erection of new Department Store
1954 Commencement of milk receivals, town milk deliveries and cheese manufacture
1956 Commencement of milk powder production
1960 Opening of Canberra branch
1966 Implementation of bulk milk collection and refrigerated farm milk vats
1969 New cheese factory commissioned
1971 Commenced manufacture of Kameruka brand cheese
1972 Amalgamation with A.B.C. cheese society at Tilba
1975 Opening of Queanbeyan branch
1976 The Co-operative and its farmers participated in a successful campaign to gain access to a fair share of the NSW market for fresh milk
1981 New Farm Supply Store opened in North Bega
1982 Despatch tankers conversion from 13,500 litre to 22,500 litre capacity completed
1983 Doubled capacity of Bega Cheese factory.  Upgraded milk packaging in Bega and closed Queanbeyan factory
1984 Use of factory-derived cheese starter commenced.  Department Store closed and Arcade commenced.  New Tetra Pak milk cartoning equipment installed
1985 Redevelopment of Canberra factory completed.  Arrangements made with large Victorian Co-operative, Bonlac, for them to market Bega Cheese in states other than NSW and the ACT.
1986 Commenced packing milk in 2 litre plastic bottles.  Sawdust-fired boiler commissioned
1987 Bodalla Co-operative ceased operation and the thirteen farms supplying Bodalla transferred their supply to Bega 1990
1990 Specialty cheese production commenced, these cheeses being marketing as the “Kameruka Selection”
1992 Alfomatic cheddaring equipment and block forming towers installed in the cheese factory
1994 Tourist facility, recreating the original butter factory, built. Erection commenced of the Spray-Drying Plant and controlled Temperature cheese storage.  Milk processing business servicing Cooma and the Snowy Mountains acquired.  Commenced cheese export to a number of countries
1995 Spray-Drying plant.  A group of East Gippsland farmers commenced supplying milk to Bega and formed the Green Valley Co-operative
1996 The society’s fresh milk packaging and distribution activities in the South East of NSW, including Capitol Chilled Foods, were placed in a joint venture with Dairy Farmers Co-operative to from Capital Chilled Foods (Australia) Pty Ltd. 75% owned by Dairy Farmers and 25% owned by Bega
1998 The cheese cutting, packaging and processing plant was constructed and commissioned in Ridge Street, Bega.  This state of the art plant services the domestic and international markets for value added Bega Cheese consumer products.The cutting, packaging and processing unit was officially opened in October by the then Premier of New South, Bob Carr.The string cheese plant was commissioned at Bega, and Bega Stringers launched nationally into the domestic market.
1999 Bega Cheese celebrated one hundred years as a dairy co-operative, 1899 to 1999.
2001 In April 2001, the marketing function in Australia for the Bega brand was franchised to Bonland Dairies Ltd. a joint venture between Bonlac and the New Zealand Dairy Board.  This arrangement saw the business of Bonlac’s Melbourne cheese cutting and packaging operations transferred to Bega during 2001/2002.In July of 2001, Bega Cheese commissioned its cheese shredding plant.
2002 Work completed on the transfer of business from Bonlac, effectively increasing the throughput of the Bega plant to 40,000 metric tonnes of product per annum.  Bega Cheese also commissioned its processed cheddar cheese canning line, adding this function to the growing capabilities of the Bega operations to service both domestic and international demand.
2007 Bega Cheese acquired a 70% stake in the Victorian based dairy company, Tatura Milk Industries, in April 2007.  Tatura Milk manufactures cream cheese, powders, infant formula and nutraceuticals.  Executive Chairman of Bega Cheese, Barry Irvin, is also Chairman of Tatura Milk Industries.
2008 The Bega Co-operative Society Limited changes corporate structure from a co-operative, to become an unlisted public company, known as Bega Cheese Limited.
2008  Bega Cheese acquired the Coburg cheddar and mozzarella manufacturing location, capable of producing 10,000 mt of bulk product.
2009 Bega Cheese acquired the ex Kraft, Strathmerton based, cheese processing plant with circa 75,000 mt of processed cheese capacity.
2010 Bega Cheese Acquired 15% stake in Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Company.
2011 On August 19 2011 Bega Cheese became a listed company on the ASX.
2011 In December 2011 Bega Cheese purchased the remaining 30% of Tatura Milk Industries.
2014 Commissioned New Tatura Milk Canning Facility at Derrimut